1. YO!PO
    Toy Co.

    Creator of the cutest, most diabolical
    chomping plush toys, The FluffyFriends.

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  2. FluffyBadBad

    BadBad doesn't like to be told what to do, and is always gnawing it's way into trouble. They are known to use their powers of ultra cuteness to draw you in, and then chomp their way into your heart (not literally, usually). BadBad is the main reason why we humans must be cautions of all cute wielding critters, because no matter how cute n’ fluffy a creature can be, it can and most definitely will still chomp you!

    Height: 5.5” | Weight: 6 oz. | Slogan: 'I'm Bad.'

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  3. FluffyYukYuk

    YukYuk only has six tentacles. Weird right?! Well it’s not a bad thing since it makes YukYuk a very unique. You see, YukYuk is the last remaining hextapus. Kind in nature, they make up for their lack of appendages with their enduring love of chomping stuff. YukYuk’s chomping urge is overwhelming, and sometimes can get carried away. Keep a close eye on them because you never know what might end up in their chompers!

    Height: 5” | Weight: 5 oz. | Slogan: 'Yuk It!'

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  4. FluffyBooBoo

    BooBoo makes Casper look like a school girl, unintentionally of course. BooBoo has had it hard, being a disembodied spirit isn’t easy you know. Just think, always looking spooky and scary, and simply invisible to the world. BooBoo is very sensitive toward humans who think all ghosts are mean demonic spirits from the depths of hell because that is simply untrue. When the lights go out, know you’re in good hands with BooBoo by your side, blissfully chomping all your nightmares into bits!

    Height: 6” | Weight: 6.5 oz. | Slogan: 'Boo Yah.'

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  5. LLI Design Logo

    Jordan Owen is an artist and visual designer based in Chicago, Illinois. Outside of the office, Jordan enjoys spending his time creating monsters for his daughter, inventing things and people watching. Jordan's conceptual based artwork has been internationally exhibited and you can find his toys in select stores across the world.

    PlasticandPlush.com said “Jordan’s FluffyFriends really have created a different branch on the plush family tree.” Clutter Magazine noted "“100% badass. You'd normally be expecting a set of felt teeth on a plush figure, but not the FluffyFriends.” Let's not forget the nice people at ToyBreak who said “FluffyFriends... Yay! Very innovative and fun to play with!”

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